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Benefits Of Color Changing Solar Path Lights

garden lightSolar path lights are those light sources which are raised then powered by panels which are mounted on the structure of lighting or else structures integrated inside the pole itself. such lights are used as garden solar lights, path lights on corridors among other outdoor areas. Most of these solar panels will turn off and on automatically through sensing of the outdoor light. Such lights work for the whole night and even in the unavailability of the sun, some of them can remain lit for some days.

Modern solar path lights are LED as a source of lighting those path lights. LED tends to offer higher Lumens at the lower consumption of energy. The LED fixture would consume less energy by 50% as compared to the sources formerly used for traditional path lighting. The LED source has major advantages tied to it and such advantages make modern path lighting with solar more advantageous as compared to traditional path lights.

Modern solar lights for the streets are mostly LEDs referred to as outdoor led solar lights and look like light boxes which resemble natural light. Such light is very much beneficial and they send to one’s brain signals which lead to different activities occur. The modern solar path lights are very much beneficial and they help in the health of individuals in the following ways:

Mental benefits

Most experts have a belief that various light colors can be helpful in body reaction in different positive ways. A doctor by the name Giorgio Laura says hat color has a major role in setting a person’s particular mental state or mood. Various light colors possess different healing properties such as:

Red: stimulation, warmth, and energy.

Orange: this color stimulates enthusiasm and creative thinking.

Yellow: a color known to relieve nerves and stress.

Green: the color which treats imbalance of hormones, balances body and mind.

Blue: a color believed to offer cooling feeling hence resulting in tranquility and peace.

Violet: transformation color is the other name to this color. It is believed to aid in soothing emotional and mental stress. Very helpful for persons suffering hearts which are over-active and insomnia.

Health general benefits of changing colors

Besides a person’s mental state, light also benefits your body generally and some of its functions on the body include:

Red: this color aids much for any condition which is related to blood and anemia.

Orange: orange is a color great for digestion, lungs, and thyroid.

Yellow: good for the liver, stomach and also promotes bowel movements which are healthy.

Green: known to improve any condition of the heart and blood pressure.

Blue: good for improving headaches, inflammation and also blood pressure.

Violet: a color which strengthens a body’s immune system as well as detoxifying the body.  

Environmental friendly

Modern street lights driven by solar tend to have almost no dangerous impacts on your environment. Solar energy use for generation of power to drive those path lights has more benefits as compared to using the traditional electricity-driven lights whose source of power is non-replenishable. Such sources most at times result in carbon dioxide production a by-product not any good for balancing the ecology.

Illumination and visibility

Many of the modern lights which are powered by solar come fixed or inbuilt LEDs. Such LEDs, in turn, can then be colored such that they meat various desired CRI which makes them look like sunlight most possible way hence improving visibility at night. Unlike the traditional lights which came with halide lamps not offering as much visibility as the solar-powered modern lights.


According to price, solar modern lights are far much expensive when compared to the former street lights. However, when you consider the maintenance and installation cost of the solar modern lights as well as replacement of the lights compared to traditional lights, solar lights make a better investment. Unlike tradition lights, they need very minimal maintenance and also for setting up you need no electric poles which at times make the procedure expensive and tardy.


Conventional traditional path lights can generally last for about 5000 hours. For solar powered path lights, the total span of life is about ten times that of those traditional lights. Therefore, solar modern lights tend to offer a longer span of life in use.


Path lights driven by solar keeps the paths lit throughout the night whether there are grid failures or power cuts. For traditional path lights, in case of the grid failure or such power cuts, they stop functioning.  

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