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Best Solar Landscape Lights Reviews 2018 [Buyers Guide Included]

Only the best solar landscape lights can illuminate the perfect spot all night long. They should be able to illuminate your home, garden, trees, flag, etc with engaging bright colors. Eighter go for the bright white color or warm color. If you prefer the warm color, make sure it is around 2300K to 2700K.

Best Solar Landscape Lights Comparison Table

All the below 3 is perfect for your high-quality solar landscape lighting. They are mostly recommended by experienced users because of their adjustable features, bigger solar panel, powerful rechargeable and replaceable battery, durability. Yes, you will have comprehensive reviews on all 3 of them.

VicTsing 4 PackURPOWER 2 PackVicTsing
  • 180 degrees adjustable solar panel & light.
  • 200-Lumens.
  • 2 ways installation.
  • 3.7V/2200mAH 18650 battery.
  • Most Popular.
  • 3 colors: Warm white, cold white, multi.
  • 2 ways installation.
  • 3.7V/2200mAH 18650 battery.
  • 180 degrees adjustable solar panel & light.
  • 200-Lumens.
  • 2 ways installation.
  • 3.7V/2200mAH 18650 battery.

Now that you have my recommended and most popular models, let’s go into the deep reviews. In addition to the above three, I have included the other 7 of them.

10 Best Outdoor Solar Spot Lights Reviews

I have covered everything, from the technical part to user experiences to review all of the below-mentioned models. Right now, all of them are so popular among users. You should be able to get perfect ones from the 10.

VicTsing (4 Pack)

best solar landscape lights from VicTsing
VicTsing 4 Pack

When you need the high-quality lighting that needs to last long, consider VicTsing. 4 LEDs can give you illumination of up to 200 lumens. That’s huge when you need to illuminate your home, garden flag, etc. There is automatic on/off, meaning once installed, you are done.

Solar panel and bulbs both of them are adjustable. For the perfect illumination, you can adjust the angle up to 90 degrees. To place them in a well-lit location, the solar panel is adjustable up to 180 degrees. Highly recommended from a lot of people.

A lot of experienced users have verified that they can illuminate most of the night upon full-charge. A great solution for outdoor lighting. The high-quality battery has made it possible.

Now, you need to be careful about the place of their installation. They run on solar panel and you must install them in a well-lit location. Even though you have installed them to a place where the solar panel gets direct access, the work time depends on the season and weather conditions as well.

There will be reduced lightness and work time when those panels can’t get ample sunlight. It’s normal and you should not be worried. Now, since you can control the intensity of them, choose a lower setting when there is no much sunlight. There is only 1 button to set the lower or higher setting.

Installation is super easy and it has 2 ways of installation mode. Use the stake plug to stick it into the soil so that they can illuminate your garden flags, trees, and lawn. Use the included screws to mount it on the wall to illuminate your patio and backyard.

More Features & Pros of VicTsing

  • 4 LED, in combined there are 200 lumens. High lumens, so you can use it to illuminate your home, trees, or bushes. These LEDs emit bright white light.
  • 3.7V/2200mAh 18650 built-in battery.
  • The capacity of this solar panel is 1.5 watt.
  • 8 hours of direct sunshine required to get the full charge. However, a lot has verified that installing in a shady area also works fine.
  • Waterproof, so it will last longer than usual. However, when installed on soil, make sure it never goes underwater due to heavy rainfall.
  • The company always stands behind its units. For any trouble, contact their customer support.
  • Experienced users call great for its long-lasting performance.

Cons of VicTsing

  • Bulbs are not replaceable.
  • No motion sensor.

URPOWER 2-in-1


Cost effective and high-quality lighting solution for your garden, yard, and driveway. Its high appreciation from experienced users is really amazing.

This one from URPOWER is the most diversified and another great option that is available in 3 colors like cold white, warm white and multicolor. When your need is diversified, this is the one that can meet all your expectations.

3rd generation models that run on 18650 lithium rechargeable battery with 4 LEDs. Each LED has 50 lumens so in the combine you will get 200 lumens to illuminate your home, deck or dock, pathway, driveway, etc. Once fully charged, they can run at a stretch for up to 6 to 9 hours.

The good thing about those LEDs is that they work independently. Meaning, they won’t die all at once! The automatic on/off feature is intelligent enough of detecting darkness and light. Don’t install them nearby any street light from where the bright light comes.

Important TIPS: A lot of people have already faced this problem. You need to make sure the switch is on so that they can absorb sunlight and the automatic on/off of the light can work. For the first time, these solar panels need to be charged for at least 2 days before use.

Also, if you want to install these on the ground, make sure the soil is not too hard. Use water to loosen the soil first.

Lots of people are curious to know whether these bulbs or batteries are replaceable. Trust me; you don’t want to do this. They are so cheap that it’s more practical to buy new ones.

More Features & Pros of URPOWER

  • 2200mAh battery. 4 to 5 hours charging required getting the full benefit.
  • To meet your decorative accent lighting demand, get the multi-color light.
  • High/low settings. Very useful feature when there is not much sunlight for a couple of days and you can always set to low to save some energy.
  • Stake or mount wall hanging installation.
  • Impressively bright. Stunningly beautiful to illuminate your flag or trees.
  • P64 waterproof.  Perfect for illuminating your desired spots all the year-round.
  • The dimension is 11 X 7 X 3.5 inches.
  • Simple installation and no cable is required to install them. It comes with spike, screws and the manual.
  • Caring customer service. They are there always to help you out.
  • Highly economical and recommend from hundreds of thousands of customers.


  1. No motion-sensing capacity.


Click on the image to check price on Amazon

With its powerful 2200mAh lithium rechargeable battery, it can illuminate your garden, pathway, lawn, tree, flag, etc for 6 to 9 hours after fully recharged. Monocrystalline silicon and bigger solar panel contribute to a 21% higher conversion rate of sunlight. Most of the other solar panels is a 17% conversion rate. So, it literally takes little time to get fully-charged than other conventional counterparts.

The solar panel and light both of them are adjustable. You can adjust the angle up to 90 degrees to have the perfect illumination. Installing it in a well-lit location is vital and the good news is you can adjust the solar panel angle for up to 180 degrees! Now, no matter whatever you want to illuminate, it’s still should be your choice.

Not just the bulb and solar panel, you can adjust the intensity as well. Each of these 0.5 watts LED bulb has 50 lumens. So, with 4 LEDs, there will be 200 lumens which are really so bright. With just the press of a button, you can set it to high or low. Press once to set it high, press again to set it to low and the third press will turn it off. They have automatic on/off to detect dawn and dusk.

Made to last long in any environment. These are waterproof and made of hard plastic. Installation is pretty simple. You can stick it into the soil or mount it on your wall (use the included screws). Before the first use, charge the battery for at least 2 days and make sure the switch is on. To check whether it is on, cover the solar panel to create darkness with your hand and see whether the light will on automatically.

They are so cheap that you should not try to replace or service them after the expiry date. Just get a new one.

More Features & Pros of VicTsing

  • Assembled height is 3.9 inches, the length is 7.1 inches and 6 inches.
  • The color of light is white.
  • A 3.7v battery that lasts long.
  • Charging directly under the sun for 4 to 5 hours.
  • 1.5-watt solar panel power.
  • Lots of experienced and satisfied users have recommended it.
  • As I mentioned in my previous review of another VicTsing model, they really stand behind their product. So, if you have any problem regarding them, contact them.

Cons of VicTsing

  • Have incidence of the sudden stoppage of work. Nothing to worry, contact their caring customer service for the solution.


Click on the image to check price on Amazon

It’s the upgraded version of the previous InnoGear model. A more powerful solar panel, LED bulb, and battery than the previous one. Now each of the LEDs has 50 lumens and in a combine, it has 200 lumens. 5.5V solar panel to absorb sunlight more quickly in the shortest possible time and 3.7V 18650 lithium battery to store more energy. Illuminating your flag, tree, home, garden, etc is much more effective now.

In addition to the above upgrade, the stick has more length than the previous model so that you can insert it deeper into the soil. That way, you have a more stable set up in bad weather.

It will be safe in heavy rain, wind, and snow, etc. Besides, you can go for the mount wall option. But whatever you do, you must install it in a place where there will be plenty of sunlight. Also, do not install them nearby bright light.

Like all other models, the solar panel and lights are adjustable to have perfect illumination and to have maximum sun exposure. You can adjust the solar panel for up to 180 degrees to get the maximum sun. The light mode is adjustable for up to 90 degrees to get the ideal illumination angle.

There are 2 lighting modes. During sunny days, set the mode to higher to have 4 to 6 hours of bright light. When there is not much sun, set the mode to low to have 8 to 12 hours of lighting. These numbers are what the company claims. But in real life, lots of users have verified the fact that they stay on all night as they have never seen before. Highly recommended. Now watch the installation video tutorial.

More Features & Pros of InnoGear

  • 2200mAh battery for long night illumination. Make sure the battery gets at least 8 hours of charge.
  • A frosted solar panel, so it does not need any protective film. Bigger in size as well.
  • Lighting up the flagpole, trees, home etc is more fun and beautiful now. Use the bright mode to illuminate the flag but the dim mode for the house.
  • Waterproof and heatproof. Suitable for any environment.
  • 2-way installation. Use the screws to mount on the wall or just stick to the ground. It comes with everything for installation like screws and pillar hinge. Make sure the switch is on to active the auto on/off feature.
  • Proven to give so much light!
  • Verified to last and serve for a pretty long time.

Cons of InnoGear

  • Some users have reviewed that after a few months, they stopped working. However, their customer service took care of these issues.


Click on the image to check price on Amazon

When you need 10+ hours of illumination, consider these best outdoor solar landscape lights from Magictec. But for the very first, I like to make something very clear. The color is somewhat yellow and nice soft but definitely not bright white.

So, if you have some issue with this color, this one is not for you. But if you have no problem with that color, continue reading these reviews.

The rugged and highly durable model works under any weather all year-round. They are heatproof and waterproof. The cool thing about them is its powerful and bigger solar panel.

Whereas most of the solar panel needs full sunlight exposure to get fully charged, lots of experienced users have confirmed that partial sun exposure is still good to illuminate the perfect spot all night long.

Another mentionable thing is its rechargeable battery. 2200mAh lithium-ion 18650 battery. They are long-lasting and replaceable. You should use the dim mode so that the battery can perform all night long. Dim mode gives plenty of warm light and it won’t disturb your neighbor. To save energy, it has an automatic on/off feature. On the daytime they stop working and charge, at night they automatically on. Highly light sensitive. Do not install them near any bright light lamp.

The well-built plastic made model is durable and does not feel like flimsy. Like all other models, you can install them in 2 ways. Stick to the ground for uplighting your flag or tree or you can just mount them on your wall using the included screws. They are 180 degrees adjustable which enables you to adjust them in the optimal direction and location to get the maximum sunlight and illuminate the right spot.

More Features & Pros of Magictec

  • Another great energy-efficient option is highly recommended by lots of customers. Read some of their reviews and you will understand why this is a great option for you as well.
  • Warm lights look like an expensive wired non-solar model. Very good to uplighting the trees and bushes.
  • Nice, small yet powerful solar panel.
  • You can tilt them any way you want. Though super-adjustable, make sure the solar panel is pointing to the sun.
  • The unbeatable market price for such energy-efficient warm LED model.
  • Proven to work pretty good even when the sprinkler is on. But make sure nothing blocks the sun so you may need to clean the solar panel occasionally.

Cons of Magictec

  • Some people don’t like the yellow color.

Lemontec 4 LED

Click on the image to read more reviews on Amazon

With bigger solar panels and independent bulbs, these units from Lemontec provide more focused and more intense lighting. They don’t look cheap and once you touch it, you will feel they are well-built as well and after using it for a while, you will call it another great alternative.

Made of high-quality material and can survive and perform well even in extreme weather conditions. All these bulb and solar panel are resistant to water, dust and they are heatproof as well. The adjustable light and solar panel is great to install them in the optimal location to illuminate the spot perfectly. You can adjust the intensity as well: High/Low.

Installing the Lemontec LED model is as easy as any other model. For secure mount wall installation, use the included screws. If you want them to illuminate bushes, trees, flags, etc, go for deep ground installation. Now pay attention here. Don’t use any force when you go for the stick to ground installation. Moisture the soil if it’s too hard.

It seems a lot has faced trouble turning them on for the first time. There is a button on the back of this solar panel. Push the button once to set it on high mode, twice to set it in dim mode, and third time to turn them off. Also, make sure you remove the plastic film over the solar panel.

The solar panels are bigger which is good to absorb plenty of sunlight quickly. However, place these solar panels where they can get maximum daylight. Make sure at any time during the day there is no shade over these solar panels. Also, you should set the intensity to low. You can test the high and low mode but I am pretty sure you will go into the low mode as it gives more than enough bright light and it saves energy.

More Features & Pros of Lemontec

  • The assembled dimension is 9.9 x 7.8 x 4.1 inches.
  • 200 lumens per unit. Surprisingly bright to illuminate your home, tree, flagpole, garden, etc.
  • 18650 replaceable rechargeable batteries. They last longer as well. You may need to replace the battery approximately after 2 years. You can find this type of battery in the major online store.
  • Sturdy construction and well-built. Does not look like some cheap stuff.
  • Have lots of recommendation.
  • Affordable cost, in fact, cheaper than a lot of the other brands.
  • Excellent customer service. If you get any faulty product, contact the customer service. They will take care of the matter.

Cons of Lemontec

  • For some users, they started to perform well, but after a few months they stop working.


Click on the image to check price on Amazon

Let me start this solar landscape lighting reviews in a different way. Before using the BlackLemon models, a lot of its current users used to avoid anything powered by solar power. Why? Simply, they did not believe these stuff can be a practical solution and don’t really worth the investment.

Well, what happened next?

Upon seeing their neighbors using solar-powered landscaping lights to illuminate their trees, gardens, home, etc, they decided to try this one. Of course, after reading a lot of reviews on it. Then they gave it a try because they don’t cost much and was simply surprised. They could not believe that a solar-powered led bulb can emit that much light! So yes, if you have never tried them, give it a try and you won’t regret.

Now, let’s go after some technical stuff.

It’s another high-quality lighting solution, and that’s the reason I have included this one in my reviews. It has all the features of a pretty cool and long-lasting solution to perfectly illuminating the perfect spot of your home, flagpole, bushes. With 4 LED that should give you 200 lumens of bright light.

They are dark sensing automatic spotlights. Meaning, they will automatically on at night and off at day. You should not install them nearby any bright light though because it would not work then. For your versatile usage, you can install them in 2 ways. Stake them to the ground or mount wall them using the included screws. But make sure there is plenty source of sunlight.

The solar panel and lights are adjustable so that you can point the panel to the sun and target your spots more precisely to illuminate. In addition, you can control the brightness of them as well. The dim mode is preferable when you have some trouble getting direct sunlight and you need to have lights all night long.

Another thing I need to remind you for the sake of its long-lasting performance. If you need to stay away from your home or from anywhere where you have installed them, please shut off them. You can find the shut-off button on the back.

More Features & Pros of BlackLemon

  • For the optimum angle, there is a 180 degrees adjustment level.
  • Everything is included for the installation.
  • Durable in all weather conditions.
  • 18650 battery type, so yes you can replace them. Powerful 2200mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Remove the plastic film from the solar panel.
  • Proven to give a great deal of illumination.
  • Plastic made.
  • Hugely recommended by experienced users.

Cons of BlackLemon

  • For some, they stopped working after a few days. Nothing to worry about, they have great customer service. Explain your problem, and they will solve it for you.


Click on the image to check price on Amazon

This one is completely different than the rest of the alternatives I have reviewed above. First of all, you can have multi-color or warm light to your spots. Secondly, it’s basically the 4th generation models, so all the features are upgraded and modern.

Let’s talk about the warm white light first. If you don’t like pure white or bluish-white and want something that can perfectly blend into your existing warm white decor, this is the right choice for you. It may look like more of a yellow to you first, but if you look at the spot that it illuminates, you will notice it’s a perfect warm white color, probably from 2300K to 2500K.

The changing color mode is perfect for your party time or Christmas.

All other features like solar panel and battery are of the same quality as reviewed above. For a long working time, it is equipped with a 2200mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Once fully charged, it can illuminate for up to 6 to 10 hours depending on your light intensity mode setup. Setting on the dim mode seems to do the job just fine.

Automatic shut off and on which you can manually control as well. Panels and lights are also adjustable to perfectly align with the sunlight and the spots you want to illuminate. 2 ways installation is also possible. If you want to have uplighting illuminating, stick them to the soil or just mount wall them using the included screws.

They are meant to last long and with waterproof and heatproof features, they will perform all the year-round under any environment. However, during winter or any other season when there is a lack of sunlight, the duration of illumination might be short naturally. So, don’t get worried.

More Features & Pros of Nekteck

  • IP64 waterproof level.
  • 3.7V rechargeable 2200mAh 18650 battery. 4 to 5 hours required under direct sunlight to get fully charged.
  • 200-lumen output. Highly recommended from lots of users as another option when you need to have warm white light for illumination.
  • Both the solar panel and light can be adjusted independently.
  • If you go for the ground installation, don’t force it if the soil is too hard. These are plastic made. Moisten the soil first, then try to stick them to the ground.
  • Proven to works just fine even after years.
  • Made in China, in case if you want to know.
  • The incredibly low cost to buy. But don’t judge them on cost only.
  • Make sure the solar panel is set to on. Test it in a dark place first.
  • Good customer care service.

Cons of Nekteck

  • You can’t set the changing color to a single color.


Click on the image to check price on Amazon

Already I have reviewed a lot of brands for your high-quality solar landscape lighting. Still, if you are looking for something else, consider AMIR. Its popularity within the shortest time has made it on my list of best outdoor solar landscape lights. Available in 2 pcs with 200 lumens for surprisingly bright light.

When you need the most powerful outdoor lighting solution, it’s a really good option. Did you notice most of the above options I have reviewed have an adjustment level of 90 degrees? Well, in AMIR you get 90 degrees angle adjustment for the bulbs and 90 degrees angle for the panel! That’s really awesome to perfectly illuminate your spot!

Comes with super powerful 3.7V 2200mAh 18650 rechargeable battery which is expected to last for almost 3 years. 8 hours of direct sunlight is required to get it’s fully charged. And once fully charged, it can illuminate your home, flat, trees, pool, etc for 8 to 10 hours. Even though these solar panels are bigger and are 5.5V powerful, make sure they get plenty of sunlight.

It is also advanced and runs automatically like all of the above reviewed. Will be on at night and off at sunrise. You can control the lighting intensity as well. High lighting mode for your flag, tree, etc and dim light mode for your home, garden, etc. If you set the high mode, it can illuminate for up to 8 hours and if you set to dim mode, it can illuminate for up to 14 hours.

Easy installation. Use the screws to install. 2 ways installation is possible for your multi-purpose need. Stick to the ground or simply mount wall them for uplighting and downlighting.

More Features & Pros of AMIR

  • The dimension is 5.8 x 7.1 x 6.1 inches. With each order, you get two of them.
  • 2 light color: Changing color and pure white color. The multi-color is highly suitable for Christmas time.
  • IP65 waterproof and heatproof. Install anywhere outside. They can survive in any environment.
  • Durable rechargeable battery. They are replaceable but you don’t want to do that. Because they are so cheap that you can get a new one instead.
  • Powerful solar panel. Lots of users have verified that even on cloudy days, it can illuminate for a pretty long time.
  • Lots of people are using these to light their flags.
  • Highly economical so you should get multiple of them.
  • Really caring customer service and the company stands behind their product. Get them without any fear and confusion!

Cons of AMIR

  • Not so bright LED even in high mode.
50X Twin
Click on the image to check price on Amazon

MINI 50X Twin

This is the last review on finding the perfect outdoor solar spotlights for you. It’s new on the market, but the rate of getting popularity is high. I have read a lot of reviews about this one myself and I personally was amazed it’s really high appreciation.

This one is really different in many ways than all of the previous solar landscape spotlights reviewed. Each of the units fixtures 3,000K warm white light with a magnifier lens. In comparison with other light fixture,  with its 45-degree output angle, it can cover a wider area. With automatic on/off feature, you are basically done once installed them properly.

Improved solar panel and battery as well. The Polycrystalline solar panel can absorb sunlight more quickly in little time to charge the rechargeable battery much faster. Both of them are built for outdoor usage. The battery is IP55 waterproof, so it can survive in any harsh environment.

It has 3 levels of brightness settings whereas most of the solar-powered landscape models have 2. Depending on your brightness settings, they can illuminate your garden, yard, etc for 5 to 15 hours once the battery is fully charged.

Installation is like any other model. It has the stake in the ground and mounts on the wall installation feature. So, whether you like downlight or uplight ascend, you can have it all. Comes with everything for the complete installation including a 32 feet long cable.

The remote solar panel will make your installation much more convenient and you can place them exactly where you want. The panel is adjustable and you can vertically tilt them.

More Features & Pros

  • The dimension is 7.9 x 4.2 x 9.5 inches.
  • 3.7V lithium 18650 battery. These batteries are replaceable but not easy to find. But you should be able to find them on Amazon.
  • 32’ cable.
  • 23 feet light beam distance.
  • 4 to 5 hours charge is required to charge the battery.
  • Adjustable solar panel so that you can get the full sun exposure.
  • Well sealed, so you should not face any trouble from rain or bugs.
  • Warm bright light is highly recommended. Great to illuminate your home, flag etc. Experienced buyers have confirmed it’s exceptional brightness.
  • A great DIY project. Everything about them is accessible and you can service each of the parts.
  • Great customer service. If you face any trouble or suddenly they stop working, contact their customer service for the solution.


  • Warm light, so not recommended if you prefer cool white light.
  • No motion sensing feature.
  • Have records of the sudden stoppage of work.

Buying Guide For The Best Solar Landscape Lights

You would not believe how much alternatives are there. Which is pretty good because you can now cross-check a lot. On the other hand, it can make the selection process really confusing to get the best outdoor solar spotlights. That’s normal. But if you keep the following points in mind, I think you can make the right choice.

  • Adjustable Panel & Light: This is very important. Only the adjustable spotlight can let you illuminate the right spot without any hassle. The solar panel should be adjustable as well to get the maximum sunlight. Generally, they are  180 degrees adjustable altogether.
  • Powerful Battery & Panel: Having bigger and upgraded panel means the battery will be charged much faster even though there is no direct sunlight always. The battery should be at least 2200mAh and of 18650 type so that you can replace them easily if you need to.
  • Light Color: You don’t need to pay attention to white bright color. But you need to be extra careful if you prefer warm white color. Make sure they are of 2300K to 2500K, otherwise you will be having the yellow color.
Final Thoughts On The Best Solar Landscape Spotlights

Well, I have reached the end of the article. Did I miss anything in the solar landscape lighting reviews? I believe I have covered everything so that you can get the best solar lights for landscape. If you need to know anything else, let me know in the comment box. I am always there for you.

Best Solar Landscape Lights Reviews 2018 [Buyers Guide Included]
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Best Solar Landscape Lights Reviews 2018 [Buyers Guide Included]
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