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How to change outdoor light bulb?

outdoor light in dim mode

When working on your outdoor light fixtures, you may find that a simple task of changing a light bulb may seem difficult than usual. But the truth is that outdoor light fittings are very easy to change. However, for you to be on the safer side, you should take the necessary safety precautions and follow the correct steps as discussed below.

Turn off power

First, you need to turn off power at the main switch. This serves as the first safety measure if you don’t want to be electrocuted. If the light is motion activated and it turns automatically, then you will need to shut it off at the circuit breaker. If the light bulb just burned out, then you will have to wait for few minutes for the bulb to cool before you can proceed to the next step. Handling it when still hot may burn you, or worse still, make it break since it’s usually light.

Set up a ladder

To be able to reach the bulb comfortably and with ease, you will need to set up a ladder or use a chair. It might be very difficult and tiring for you to try to change the bulb when standing on your tiptoes and trying to change using your fingertips. Get something that will place you at a comfortable height and enable you to use both your hands easily. Take caution when using the ladder. Ensure it’s placed on a solid surface for enhanced grip—an even surface may cause it to slide, causing you to fall when trying to change your bulb.

Wear gloves  

If the bulb doesn’t have a protector, it’s advisable to wear gloves because oils from your hands can lead to serious damage to your bulb. Getting oil on the bulb may make it overheat and cause an explosion, which can harm you. Also, you need to know that gloves are necessary when you are changing only the bulb, but if you are changing the cover only, then you don’t require them in such a case. If you don’t have gloves, you can use a non-linen cloth.

Remove glass cover  

Remove the glass fitting around the bulb. The style of the fixture varies depending on the type of lighting you have outside your house. Opening the light fixture is simple as removing screws. Ensure you have a tight grip on the fitting to protect the glass from falling and breaking when removing it. When removing the bulb, use your thumb to push it to the socket. To release the bulb, turn it counterclockwise up to 90 degrees while pushing. To make the process easier, you can attach the suction cup to the cover.

Remove the old bulb

When changing your outdoor bulb, have a rag to clean any bugs, dust, and other debris that may have accumulated over time. This will ensure your bulb is clean, giving it a bright light and extending its usage life. Also, clean the glass fitting for your bulb using a glass cleaner or a crumpled newspaper. Ensure you get rid of the old light bulb immediately you remove it to avoid confusion with the new one as that may make you have trouble tracing where the problem is because the old one cannot light.

Fix new bulb

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the area and the glass covering is clean, then fix the new light bulb and replace its glass cover. Ensure the bulb fits well in its place and no unnecessary movement is experienced. After that, fasten the cover with its screws back to its right position.

Turn on the light  

Finally, turn on the light at the switch or circuit breaker to check whether you installed the bulb correctly. If it lights well, then you did the job perfectly, but if it doesn’t light, then that’s a clear indicator something went wrong. You can switch off, and check whether the bulb fits well in its socket. With that, you will be good to enjoy efficient light in your home.

Following the above steps will ensure that fix your new bulb correctly. It is always advisable to consult a professional if you follow the correct steps and you didn’t manage to fix your bulb correctly.

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