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How To Clean Solar Lights?

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One of the ways you could ensure your solar lighting system remains functional and bright is to perform occasional cleaning. This includes a procedure that you could do without the need to invite any experts to help you. The most important thing is to understand how to go about the cleaning and the things you need to do to avoid damaging the lights while cleaning. To help you easily clean your solar lights, below is a comprehensive guide that gives you everything you need to know.

Items you will need

  • Dry cloth
  • Lukewarm water
  • Solar lights instructions
  • Toothbrush or a small soft brush
  • Soft lint-free cleaning cloth

With the above items assembled and ready, the next thing is to follow a few steps that will lead you to the immediate cleaning process.

Getting ready

Before anything, you have to familiarize with the instructions and guidelines issued by the manufacturer. This information is vital as it is what you will use while disassembling the lights. Cleaning includes accessing the inside of the solar panel, and for this, you have to be careful especially while removing the lights as they are fragile and can break.

This is the most important part because without this knowledge it would be impossible to successfully disassemble the setup, and if you happen to try the procedure before understanding the instructions, you might even get injuries or destroy the light.

Cleaning the battery  

The first part of the solar light you will need to clean is the battery. This is easily accessible after you have disassembled the light. The ideal suggestion is to remove it from the light fixture to facilitate easy cleaning and to also ensure it gets cleaned properly.

Before you use the brushes and all the cleaning materials, look for any signs of oxidation (this can be seen as a compound with ashy color) at the point where the cell pack and plastic come in contact.

If you discover any oxidation, use the small soft brush to clean it. The advantage is that the oxidation is dry and when you clean it the whitish deposit falls off easily. Also, do some cleaning in the areas of contact with the light fixture to eliminate any deposits that might be preventing the free flow of current.

After cleaning, you should observe the way the solar panel functions. If it exhibits intermittence in reliability then it is probably time to replace it.

Cleaning the solar panel

Besides cleaning the battery, it’s also important to clean the solar panel of any outdoor lights like solar pathway lights, which functions as the primary source of energy for the lights. It is recommended that you should clean the solar panel at least once every month to keep it in good working condition. While cleaning the panel, you need to use a damp cloth that can help to get rid of the grime, dust, and dirt that might have accumulated over time.

Do remember that the lights are installed outside, so bugs, dust, and dirt will be deposited in them easily. Just make sure to wipe it gently, and don’t brush it because it is delicate and might break. The last thing to do after cleaning is wiping the panel with a dry cloth to remove any moisture.

Final touches  

Cleaning the inner parts of the panel is not the end of cleaning. You also have to turn your focus on to the outer shell. This is the part you disassembled at step 1 above. This one does not require a lot of complex work as you can clean it by just wiping using a damp cloth. You could even wash it in your sink.

Just like disassembling, assembling the setup requires you read the instructions. Don’t force some parts in if you feel they are not fitting in as required. Just refer to the instructions manual to know the right way to reassemble the light without breaking anything.

The above guidelines give you the easiest way to clean your any type of solar lights like landscaping lights. To keep the lights in perfect working condition, it is advisable to do it regularly. This helps to ensure light from the sun is able to reach the collector panel, which is the only source of energy for the lights.

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