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Features of Good Solar Path Lights: A Complete Checklist

Features of Good Solar Path Lights  

walkway lightSolar path lights serve both functional as well as decorative purposes. They will add the needed brightness in your patio or surrounding so you will not have to stop enjoying the outdoors even after sunset. In reference to decorative purposes, solar path lights come in different designs and color shades that will contribute to the beauty of your outdoors.

In addition, solar lighting is environmentally friendly thus helping to preserve the environment. Secondly, since they are solar powered, the only cost attached is that of purchasing the lights and maintaining the lights. This said it is important to note that they come with varying features that make them stand out. Depending on your needs and preferences, you need to analyze the specific features to help identify the best solar path lights for your needs.

The following are key features to look out for when shopping around for good solar path lights.

Charge runtime

When looking at the charge runtime, it is all about personal lighting preference as well as the coverage required. The runtime determines how long it will remain in use before it runs empty as well as how bright the charge is. This is dependent on the size of the path and the number of lights required to light up. Every brand will indicate the charge run time on the packaging, so you know what to expect.

Brightness adjustability

For example, considering a similar distance where the distance between two lights is a meter and another where it’s double the distance, the lighting brightness will not be the same. On average, the recommended solar path light is the same as that of a 40watt bulb. There are also other solar lights that will automatically adjust its brightness depending on the surrounding environment as well as the brightness of the natural lighting.

Many path lights have LED lights because they tend to last longer as well have a brighter charge as opposed to fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. Outdoor LED solar lights will serve you longer especially in areas where sunlight is limiting thus allowing you to take up more power efficiently.

Battery Capacity

The battery capacity will directly affect how long your lights will keep going even after the Sun is down. For those living in very hot areas, a smaller battery will not be problematic as it will rarely run low. On the other hand, it is recommended that you invest in larger batteries, so they can hold as much power as possible to help compensate for the cool or cold days.

Design Preference

The design of solar path lights varies from one brand to another as well as from one model to another. When looking at this feature, it is basically a matter of preference. For those who work with a specific theme for landscaping can choose their lights to match their theme or concept. They also come in different shapes making it easier to meet specific desires.

Some of the most popular designs include Victorian vibes, classic craftsman designs and ethereal-looking orbs. The height will also differ and depending on your preference, you will be able to make the right choice. Choosing based on this feature will also be dependent on the fitting space available. For example, you cannot go for the larger designs when the available space is limiting.

Color Choice

Color choice is also an aspect of preference or working around a specific concept. In this, individuals are looking to work with various color themes. Even at this, it is important to note that the color variance is not so large. The possible choices run between soft-white, amber, and the colored (red, green, and blue hues). Many go for the different colored lights to serve a decorative purpose.

Solar path lights come with different features which in turn dictates the benefits attached. They aim at delivering on both functionality and decor. Depending on the size (width and length) of the path, you will be able to select the best solar path lights to be it for your patio or garden. Charge runtime, brightness, as well as battery capacity are functional features whereas overall design and color choice majorly serve decorative purposes. Brighten your path as well as add to the overall beauty of your compound while retaining the aspect of being environmentally friendly with solar path lights.

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