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How Do Solar Lights Work?

installed solar panel

With rising concerns on global warming, the utilization of solar energy has been receiving exponential growth as it falls under the umbrella of alternative sources of energy. The cost of solar energy has been seen to be going down when compared to nuclear power sources.

For instances Nellis Air Force center will get an approximate 2.2 c/kWh photoelectric power as well as 9 c/kWh grid power. The photovoltaic modules have a life expectancy of between 25 to 40 years depending on how you maintain them.

What’s good with solar energy is the guarantee that the sun will always shine tomorrow, it’s the whole concept of renewable energy. With solar energy tapping, you are a curtained with sufficient lighting for your night. This article is meant to educate you on how outdoor solar light works through the photovoltaic effect (PV). The photovoltaic effect can be described as the technique in which sunlight is able to generate power via the photovoltaic cells generally referred as solar cells.

The photovoltaic system

A solar cell is responsible for the process of converting sunlight rays to direct currents. The solar cell comprises several in-built cells. The back side is made up of crystalline silicon with a chemical that is in charge of positively charged spaces. While the front side is made up of chemical components that are responsible for creating electrons that are negatively charged.

Thus, when the sun rays pass by the front or upper side some level of excitement is generated which in return are able to trigger electrons that find their way to the back side of the cell through the positively charged cell spaces. After the above process is completed the charged spaces transfer the solar energy through the embedded wires in the cell. This is all that happens in the photovoltaic system. From here energy is sent for storage before it’s sent to the outdoor solar light emitters.

How is solar energy stored?

The outdoor solar lights very small photovoltaic panels that are located on the upper side of this lights. Due to the in-built photovoltaic system in this light sunlight is able to be let in and as a result, charges are generated. Which at are stored in the battery that is located at just below the PV panel. The panel’s battery is able to be charged all day, thus providing sufficient energy for the outdoor lights to use during the dark.

Placement for the outdoor solar lights

The solar light can be placed at any location that receives ample sunlight, even in your garden as the solar garden lights. Its recommended that when planning your landscape to consider placing this lights in the location that are free from shade as this can act as the obstacle to getting your outdoor light sufficiently charged. Any shade is discouraged to be it from structures around or even trees. If you are from areas that are prone to snow ensure that the lights are well cleaned to prevent the PV from getting any hindrance as it tries to absorb in the light sunlight that is available.

The aesthetic outdoor solar lights

The outdoor solar lights come in different styles. These styles include plastic and metal casing, colored to clear lights and country contemporary to stainless modern steel. Before settling for any of this you will need to weigh and determine which ones are suitable for you.

If you want to shed light on shaded places while using outdoor solar technology, then you will have to go for solar lights that have PVs that are separate from them, this means you will have to mount the PV in the surface that is safe from any harm and it can get sunlight directly. These are mostly known as outdoor solar landscaping spotlights.

However, the disadvantage with this is that you will be forced to bury some wires.

For a better outdoor lighting LED light bulbs are recommended as they are able to give clearer light, consumes less energy, they are brighter, they batteries retain their charger much longer as there are different decorative alternatives to choose from.


With the implementation of outdoor solar reduces your electric bills, promotes flexibility as there is no use for outdoor electric utilities hence it’s easy and simple to plan your compound. Outdoor solar lighting is a cheap and wonderful method of illumination.

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