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How many Lumens for landscape lighting?

solar patio light

When talking about landscape lighting or rather garden lighting, it generally refers to the use of outdoor illumination of public landscapes and private gardens for the purpose of enhancement, nighttime aesthetics, accessibility, and safety.

Additionally, when talking about Lumen, it simply refers to a unit measurement of visible light. Getting a thorough understanding of the light output in lumens is one of the most important things when it comes to getting yourself LED solar landscape light. The more the lumens you have the more the brightness in your house.

Moreover, the LED landscape lights are actually among the best in the present market. This is all because they are the best for appearance and brightness and importantly they consume the least amount of energy. Whether you are putting into consideration the energy-saving benefit or the light quality, it’s always much more important to think in terms of lumens when practicing landscape lighting.

The number of lumens you need basically depends on the area you are lighting.

Types of Landscape lighting

  1. Path lights
  2. Piermont / post mount lights
  3. Deck and step lights
  4. Bollard Lights
  5. Spotlight
  6. Floodlights
  7. Well lights
  8. Pond lights
  9. Hardscape lights

Are your outdoor LED lights bright enough?

Recently, a good number of people have switched energy-saving LED landscape lights mainly because they are environmentally friendly and importantly save money on electricity. Given that a large number of people have been blinded by common thinking of the light output in terms of watts, let’s averagely look at the number of lumens you need in your house for sufficient landscape LED lighting.

  • LED landscape light
  • Outdoor path lighting
  • Security Floodlights
  • Landscape Spotlights
  • Shed lights
  • Lamp Posts

Things to consider when deciding on what to light and what to leave in your landscape

  1. Carry out a survey and identify the things that you love most in your yard.
  2. Add some stage crafts to things that might not stand out during the day.
  3. Put in mind different functions.

What is the appropriate number lumens needed for landscape lights?

Landscape lighting normally differs depending on the required brightness. The LED solar landscape light which usually comes along with duration, brightness and clarity can actually range from 100 to 300 lumens. As if not enough, when lighting your private garden or yard, 50 lumens are always sufficient to add color, interest in your yard and importantly dimensions. 50 lumens are usually sufficient to add color, dimension and crucially interest to your yard.

How many lumens are required for outdoor path lighting?

Path lighting in most cases is regarded a decorative accent lighting. The lighting is very significant since aids the visitors to perceive the walkway. One of the most effective ways in which path lighting has been used is through the billboard lights which are mostly the best way of doing path lighting. 100 lumens are mostly regarded as the best number that can keep the walkways bright enough. Basically, 100 lumens is equal to 20 watts.

How to light a landscape

  • Uplighting
  • Silhouetting
  • Shadowing
  • Moonlighting

Why are LED solar landscape lights the best choice?

One of the major reasons is that they can be installed by almost anyone. This is all because they do not need to be wired, do not need complicated tools to install it and importantly you don’t have to hire a relatively expensive electrician. The easy installation of the lights can actually take you 15 minutes to do the task.

Furthermore, the quality of LED solar lights is greatly improving over time. The tools also have sufficient brightness and are highly durable. AS if not enough, the lights provide you with an attractive and clear lighting for your landscape.

Professional suggestions on lumens for various landscapes

  • Step lights- 12-100 lumens
  • Landscape: 50-300 lumens
  • Pool/pond lights 200-400 lumens
  • Path lighting- 100-200 lumens
  • Hardscape lights- 50-185 lumens
  • Floodlights- 700- 1300 lumens


Now that you have the essential when it comes to landscape lighting, you can actually lay out your own landscape design. However, do not be limited to these but you can consult professionals and experts for a perfect outcome. There are a million ways of lighting your landscape but understanding the basics will help you create a unique thing that reflects your personal lifestyle and taste.

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