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How To Install Outdoor Landscape Lighting?

home landscape lighting

Landscape lighting helps keep your home safe and also adds a high-end look to it. Landscape lighting can either be solar or low-voltage lighting. Solar lighting is an easy method to install and does not require wiring. This is an easy project to start up and can maximize the effectiveness of this project by correctly placing the solar panels to a place where there is access to the sunlight. Here is How to correctly install the solar panels.

The solar lights are not costly to install and actually need very low maintenance as the solar panels only require exposure to sunlight for their performance. This system of lighting is best during the sunny season as the sunlight absorbed is used to power the solar lights.

Locate what you want to highlight

When installing the solar spotlight on your homestead, locate what feature you want to highlight. Is it the path or an object in the garden? Put this into consideration before commencing the project. When the former is the main highlight, the LED solar panels should then be placed together to clearly highlight the path.

In a case where you want to highlight a feature in your garden, place the solar lights relatively low so as to highlight it best. The solar spotlights can be moved around in cases where it is a large surface being highlighted giving your home a luxurious look.

Avoid obstructions

When installing a solar panel spotlight, avoid obstructions that may lead to the light getting ruined. These obstructions include installing the solar spotlight very close to the driveway as it could easily be run over or placing the solar spotlight on the way of a lawnmower. The solar spotlights should be visible during the day so that people don’t trip and fall over them.

Maximize the available sunlight

Solar LED spotlights require maximum sunlight for their operation so it is important to have the solar panels laid out in a place with the maximum exposure of the light. Keep the solar panels away from obstructions such as light that will reduce the sunlight absorption.

To help in the maximization of the solar energy absorbed, the solar panels could b placed on the roof where there are no obstacles that limit the sunlight getting to the solar panels. The more the solar panels installed the more solar energy is collected to power the lights.

Where to place the solar panels

When installing solar spotlights that wholly depend on the solar panels, the placement of the solar panel is highly relevant. The solar panel needs to be placed in a position where it gets the maximum sunlight needed to power it. As stated earlier, the roof of a house is a preferred choice as long as there’s enough exposure to sunlight and no obstacles.

When burying the cable, dig at least 6 inches to the ground for protection from moisture or rainfall. Plastic tubes can also help in the protection.

Charge before installation

Make sure the solar panels to be installed are charged for 12 to 14 hours in full sunlight. Clean the panel before installation to make sure it charges easily. A clean solar panel helps in easier absorption of lighting so as to power the solar lights. When fully charged, the solar panels provide the required amount of lighting for the solar lights.

Preparation of the soil

When the solar lighting spotlights are being installed in dry soil, water the soil for a couple of hours before the installation to make it easier. Do not force the stake of a solar light as this could lead to the stake breaking.


Solar spotlights help in making your home a better place as the lighting brings safety just like outdoor motion sensing solar light. When installing this kind of lighting, it is important to follow these steps to ensure the installation is done in the best way so as to offer the best service.

The aims of these lights are to use solar based powering systems to provide lighting. The solar panels should, therefore, place in areas of good sunlight and no shades so as to absorb maximum sunlight to be used at night.

Now, watch this awesome video tutorial on how you can install outdoor solar landscape lights.

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