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How to install outdoor motion sensing security light?

solar pathway light

Green technology is the only hope of the degraded environment in the universe today. It has no gases, waste but uses the solar system to give power, save energy and cut the bills tremendously. It has been used as a substitute of the main source of power. The main merit of this power is being renewable and conservation for future use.

This is the way the United Nation is advising nations to consume the natural energy. Lighting around homes or building is always expensive and it requires good lighting for good security. Coming home late may be fearful when confronted by darkness not knowing what awaits you in the darkness.

What is a motion sensing light?

Motion sensing lights are usually installed in strategic places not only to sense any movement but also lights on when darkness falls. Any slight movements near the sensing light will turn this on. They are inexpensive because of the type of energy they use, the solar energy. They easily detect any infrared waves of heat or moving object across an identified distance using the electronic eyes.

It turns on once detecting this alerting anyone else who could be around the home especially at night. It is then connected to the timer which keeps it on for the set period. The sensors rotate at an angle of 270 degrees. The detecting distance is also important with the height or distance good for the prompt response.

Why the solar lights?

Solar energy is the only type of renewable energy that is cheap to install and maintain. It is not hazardous to the electric power. The energy is stored and consumed and thus can be used, saved more than other options. The energy used is minimal compared to any other and can use more lighting across the house compound and its surrounding.

Areas best suited for these lights:

  • Pathways: This is along the way that leads to your front door and back door. Any movement along the pathway will be easy to detect and thus the lighting automatically.
  • Stairways: They are also important because of the hazardous and injuries they can lead. Unfamiliar stairways are cautioned against thus this lighting becoming helpful.
  • Compound arrangements: Sensing light are good indicators of the compound arrangements like dark corners, electric fences, pet houses to alert to the posed dangers.
  • Garden and trees: Intruders are only kept away out of your garden or around your breeze zone like trees with such lighting. Any movements of the wild animals, people can easily be noticed.

How to install

Installing the outdoor solar lighting will depend on the compound layout, the security details of the location and the energy capacity contained. Centering the use of the solar energy it needs sufficient and solar panels that are able to provide a guaranteed energy throughout the season. You will also require an all season lighting that is not affected by weather and water/dust proof for durability.

  1. Identify the strategic positioning of the lighting. This will be easy to offer an excellent service and sensing details for a better functioning.
  2. Switch of the solar power while you are doing the wiring around your home. This will avoid any hazardous incidents and accidents.
  3. The outdoor connection will always require a better and protective way of handling. Installing will be determined if it is replacing or putting new fixtures. Depending on the installation the task can be complex.
  4. The electrical boxes of the outdoor areas should be well protected especially from water and other interfering agents that can shot circuit.
  5. Determine the type of lighting you want to be installed. This can be either flood lights, decorative or remote controlled. All these uses a different package of bulbs and the energy consumption needed.
  6. Never try to interlink the electric power and solar power. The energy between the two is different and non-compatible.


Solar energy is the cheapest option of having the sensor lighting that keeps the bills low and manageable. It is easy to detect any strange movements of unwanted people or animal in the compound. Any security warning is alerted and responsible measures have taken place. Outdoor lighting also provides whole night surveillance and you won’t mind any more coming home late in the night

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