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How To Make Glitter Mason Jar Solar Lights For Your Patio?

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As we have seen in the past few years, many individuals and homes are taking the time to create the ultimate outdoor living spaces to sit and relax in after a long day. You can, of course, make these living spaces however you wish, and there are also many DIY components that you can create all on your own to make the space unique. One of these DIY projects that many people are giving a try is glitter mason jar solar lights.

These lights can shed a bit of light into your outdoor living space while also being eco-friendly and stunning to look at. In this article, we are going to provide you with a step by step guide to creating glittered mason jar solar lights for you to use in your own living spaces. So, let’s get started!

Gather Your Supplies

These solar powered mason jars take a bit when it comes to the supply list. First, you’ll need a mason jar, whatever size you would like to use. You’ll also need floor wax to line the jar with (we’ll explain later in the article), along with whatever color or type of glitter that you prefer as well.

You will also, of course, need an outdoor LED solar light, to add to your mason jar to give it its shine, and double-sided tape. Finally, you can also pick out a fun pattern or design that you would like to add to your mason jar to give it a touch of your own personality.

Line Your Jar

The next step to creating your very own glittered mason jar solar light is to pour a small amount of the floor wax (whatever brand you choose is fine) and swish it around in the bottom of the jar. After that, you will want to very carefully hold the jar on its side and rotate it in your hands to spread the floor wax on the inside of the jar all throughout.

This step is very important, and you may want to continue to do this for a full 1 to 2 minutes to make sure it is completely covered. Once it’s covered, pour the excess floor wax in the jar out; The inside of the jar should still be wet from the floor wax that was in there.

Add Some Sparkle

The next step is to add a touch of sparkle to your mason jar. Pick whichever color or type of glitter that you prefer, and pour in just a small amount (closer to a tablespoon). You will want to stir this around into the jar the same way you did with the floor wax, making sure that all of the bare spaces are covered with glitter.

If you think you need to add a little bit more to have better coverage, you can add another tablespoon worth of glitter into the jar and stir it around. Once you are satisfied with the glitter in the jar, pour any excess back out.

Add Your Light

The next step is to assemble your mason jar. You’ll take your outdoor LED solar light (You can find inexpensive ones at any dollar store or department store) and line the bottom edge of it with the double sided tape you have. You should only need to wrap the tape around one time, maybe a bit more.

Once it is lined with the double-sided tape, you will want to insert your solar light into the top of the jar. You will follow up with the lid of your mason jar to help hold the solar light in place as well.

Add Your Design (Optional!)

At this point, you have the option to add a design to the outside of your jar if you so choose. You can find transferable stickers, or regular stickers, to add to the outside to give it your own little touch of uniqueness and personality. Make sure that if you are adding an adhesive design that you work it onto the jar to get rid of any and all air bubbles that might form when you place it on the glass.

There you have it! You now are the proud owner of a glittered mason jar solar light. These are quite simple to make, and only take about 10 minutes at a time, so it is easy to make a bunch of them at one time. These glittered mason jar solar lights will make an excellent addition to any patio or outdoor living space that you have in your home, and all of your guests will be amazed by its beautiful look.

Now watch the video tutorial on how you can do it.

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