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What is outdoor LED tree Uplighting?

tree uplightingOutdoor LED Tree uplighting means the use of LED grounded lights to direct light up at the canopy or trunk of the tree in landscaping. Solar-powered outdoor LED Tree Uplighting lights the tree during the night adding safety and appeal of the landscape.

The operation of the solar-powered outdoor LED tree uplighting involves the PV cells on the solar panel absorbing the sunlight during the day, which charges the battery. Either a switch or night or day sensor usually activates the batteries powering the LED lights once the sun goes down. For a full charge of the batteries, it is recommended to place the solar panel in areas accessing lots of sun. The brightness of the LED tree uplighting also depends on the size of the LED bulb and the quality of the photovoltaic (PV) cells.

Benefits of Solar-powered LED Tree Uplighting  

Use low voltage lighting

Solar-powered outdoor LED tree upligting use very small amount of power to put out a tremendous amount of illumination. This results in giving dazzling bright light for a lengthy period.  

They are durable

The solar-powered outdoor LED tree uplighting light bulbs have a long lifespan lasting up to 100,000 hours. They come with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. They also require low maintenance such as just dusting the panels for dust.  

They are weather resistant

Solar-powered outdoor LED tree uplighting bulbs have a solid-state construction making them more efficient in all weathers. The rugged ABS plastic construction makes them tough with a strong seal making them resistant to snow, rain, sleet, or frost just like your sturdy solar powered motion sensing lights.  

Saves money on electricity

They save money on electricity because they are fully powered by solar and the batteries recharge themselves during the day.  

Easy to install

The installation is easy as no wiring is involved thus saving time and money for expansive installation professionals.  

Are environmentally friendly

The solar-powered outdoor LED tree uplighting is friendly to the environment, as the LED bulbs do not contain mercury. They do not have carbon footprint too as they run on the power of the sun to magnify the energy efficiency and sustainability. Solar power energy does not produce greenhouse gases, it is fully renewable and never runs out.  


They are flexible as they can be placed anywhere because they do not depend on the proximity of the electrical outlet. The batteries are also inbuilt avoiding the location restrictions based on the location of the main power source.  

Available in different styles

Solar-powered outdoor LED tree upligting are available in different sizes and colors to suit your preference.

Disadvantages of solar-powered outdoor LED tree uplighting   

Require high upfront costs relating to the initial buying and installation of the LED tree lighting bulbs. However, over time the system pays for itself.

They fully depend on the sun- Solar powered outdoor LED tree uplighting is sun dependent and it can only be installed in a place where they will receive adequate sunlight. A different scenario would lead to the batteries not fully charging producing dim light for few hours.

Are subject to overheating- The solar-powered outdoor LED tree uplighting is subject to overheating. If overheating occurs their functions are interrupted leading to less bright light and eventually, they may completely stop working.

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