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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy?

symbolic solar energy

In recent times, people are getting more and more conscious about increased carbon emission, right? Why? Because the increased carbon is destroying our precious ozone layer. As a result, global warming and rise of sea level have become the main threat to human extinction.  It may sound exaggerated a little, but that’s the truth.

Opting for the solar energy is the smart move; there is no double about that. But you still have some confusion about the viability of solar energy inside your mind.

But if you have a clear picture of some cons in addition to knowing its pros, you will feel confident. If you notice my blog, solar energy is all that I talk about. So, feel confident that you are getting the real information here.

Pros of Solar Energy

  1. Infinite Power Source: You know the limitation of the carbon-based energy, right? Today or tomorrow, they will end serving you. But look at the sun. It was there a billion years ago and will be there for billions of years as well. Now that we have learned how to use the sun as the power source, the human race has actually found the gold mine of infinite energy!
  2. Saves Electricity Bill: In modern times, we use different kinds of solar lights like solar landscape lights, garage/pavement lights, and so on. You will b amazed knowing how many Americans are using outdoor solar lights to beautify their home. And, we don’t pay the electricity bill for that! Do a simple calculation. How much it would cost you if there were no such solar lights.
  3. Saves Environment: Ahh… I should have talked about it first. Going green i.e., using solar energy means you are actually saving the deteriorating environment. It’s a big deal for you and for your next generations. Carbon-based fuels are just destroying the world at a rate beyond imagination.
  4. Add Value To The Home: Next time you plan to remodel your home, you should install the solar panel to your home. It’s already proven that any home having the solar panel installed have greater value in the real estate business.Use those solar lights as the landscape lighting and I am pretty sure the value of your home will become double. 
  5. Low Maintenance: This is probably another great reason why modern families love it. Once installed, literally there is no maintenance at all. All you have to do is to make sure that the solar panel gets plenty of sunlight during the day.
  6. Durable Solution: Normally any solar panel having the average quality will serve you for at least 25-30 years. So, it’s a great long-term investment and you can relax for at least that many years! Advancement in modern technology has made this possible.

Cons of Solar Energy

  1. Highly Expensive: The primary cost to install such solar panels is still high. Some families with a tight budget can’t still afford it. Even though this is just a one time cost, this is the main motivating factor for people who still don’t believe in renewable solar energy.
  2. Installation Problem: This happens when you intend to install the solar panel on the rooftop. If you have a really old home with slate/cedar tiles, installing solar panels there is very difficult. Also, if you move your home too often, it will be a pain for you to install and uninstall these solar lights.
  3. Intermittency: This means if there is no sunshine, your solar panel is almost useless. There will be no electricity. This happens, right? I mean 3 to 4 days gone, still there is no sun! It happens a lot. In these situations, the solar energy won’t work. But luckily, rechargeable batteries now can store such energy when there is sunshine!
  4. Storage Problem: The solar panel absorbs the sunlight and converts to electricity. But to store that electricity, it needs storage. This is what we call the rechargeable battery. The more powerful the battery is the more energy you can store and you can use the stored energy when there is no sun.
  5. Insignificant Electricity: For heavy electricity usage like using the washing machine, refrigerator, air cooler, and son, solar energy is not sufficient.

I wish I could narrate some other issues, but trust me points mentioned above are the prime ones. If you decide to go green, the above information is all you need to know. Even though there are some problems, still going for the green is the smart move that you should make.

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