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What Is Landscape Lighting?

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Landscaping lighting is the lamination of both public landscapes and private gardens. Solar-powered landscaping lights are ideal for walkways and garden paths. They add beauty to the garden and are one of the most affordable and easiest ways to excellently-make use of the abundant and clean energy from the sun. This is because solar technology is more affordable and efficient by the day and serves as a perfect source of low voltage power.

Types of Solar-powered landscaping lights   

Spotlights- they are the brightest form of landscaping lights, have a focused beam and are adjustable to shine to any direction. They are ideal for security and marking features.

String Lights- They are strung together in a single line and are used in party decorations, draping around fences and lining hedges and fences.

Accent lights- They have a long running time, offer low-level lighting and are often colored. They are used in marking features in a garden or hazards such as ponds.

Path Lights- These solar-powered landscaping lights can be staked in the ground, or hung by the hooks and usually focus the light downwards. They have a wide range of positioning options with many of and on switches. They are used in lighting paths and marking the ground’s perimeter.

Benefits of Installing Solar-powered Landscape lighting  

They are cost effective

They save the cost because they are easy to use and install saving the expensive installation costs, they are cheaper than the electrical garden lights and they do not increase the energy bill as they run on solar power. One can easily install them in almost any location.

Do not require an outlet

The solar-powered lights have small solar panels installed on them that use the sunlight for battery charging thus, do not need the main power outlet to power them. This allows them to be installed anywhere without being concerned about the closeness of the power source. They offer additional benefit as they operate even when there is a power outage.

Are Environmentally friendly

The solar-powered landscaping lights provide an excellent way of reducing carbon footprint. They do not attract additional energy bills as they charge throughout the day and run with the stored energy for the night. They offer an opportunity to live in environmentally friendly ways when combined with other solar-powered appliances while saving on the energy bills.

They are safer than electric lights

The solar-powered landscaping lights are safer than the electric cables as they do not operate with electric cables. They are a safer option at cookouts and barbecues as children are not prone to falling on electric cables. They save on energy so they are no need to switch them off while asleep giving thieves a chance to steal and vandalize property.

Are available in different styles

Solar-powered landscaping lights are aesthetically pleasing and are available in multiple colors and styles to suit a wide range of uses for either temporary party decorations or permanent installations. You can even use them to illuminate your walkways as solar-powered path lights.

Drawbacks of solar-powered landscaping lighting  
  • They are not as bright as electric fixtures as brightness require more power thus get dimmer as the night goes.
  • The risk of theft is higher as they are not wired.
  • Extreme weather conditions may affect their lifespan.

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